Government Boy

by Tall Walls

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Our theme song for this wacky election season (and more generally for our dysfunctional political system) turned out to be way more topical than we'd hoped, so this track is available at a discounted price in "honor" of the 45th president. (It was supposed to be $0.45, considering that we're electing our 45th president, but Bandcamp won't let us go below $0.50, so we reversed the digits to make it $0.54, because everything's so wacked out right now.)


I don’t want you off my back
I just want you on my side
You say you’re here to help
Everybody knows that you lie

Hey, government government boy
Hey, government boy

We’re here in an election season
The longest emergency
You’re still denying logic and reason
Stonewalling by the rising sea

Hey, government government boy
Hey, government boy

[George W. Bush:] There's no in-between -- you're either with us or you're with the enemy.

[Ronald Reagan:] I've always felt that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."

Here lies Ozymandias
Sign says king of kings
Looks like the ruins of Atlantis
His suitors, they bought him his rings

Hey, government government boy
Hey, government boy
Hey, government boy, boy, boy!


released August 31, 2016
Recorded at 3 Pt. Studios by Brian Frederick. Mixed at The Compound by Antione Arivizu.



all rights reserved


Tall Walls Long Beach, California

Tall Walls' sun-drenched power-pop is what Buddy Holly might have sounded like if he listened to The Arctic Monkeys and became increasingly socioeconomically and environmentally aware.

Blending a love for three-part harmonies, brass features and pop arrangements. the band's tunes are uptempo and melodic, providing playful social commentary and declarations of unconditional love.
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